4b: Add families using the Excel Import feature

MyDirectoryMaker™ comes with a pre-defined Excel template for importing your existing data.  Use the attached Excel template to import data from another system into MyCongregation.  Please make sure you follow the instructions when you open the file.  

This file (DirectoryImportTemplate.xls) can also be found in the folder named  \mydocuments\MyCongregation OR you can download from this article.

Simply cut and paste the appropriate information from your existing spreadsheet into this template using the column headings as your guide. You cannot change or delete the columns in the template but you can add and delete rows (but make sure not to delete the field names row). 

Also, it is O.K. to leave columns blank if you don't have information to fill in. When you are finished, save the template spreadsheet under a new file name and then select Import from the Tools tab on the Administration form. The import will ask for the file name. Just click the Open button and your data will be imported.




Tip: You can also give the spreadsheet template to others in your organization as a tool for assistance with data entry. After they have entered their data they should save their template with a unique name. When they send you their spreadsheet, place the file in the \mydocuments\MyCongregation  folder and then do a separate Import for each file (selecting each file one at a time in the “Select Excel File for Import” dialog box).


Note: Many organizations that keep their data in Excel have multiple items in the same field (for example, “Tom & Mary Smith” in one field versus having each parent name and the last name in separate fields). Some of these fields will need to be segregated (“parsed”) in order to correctly paste them into the import template. If you are not familiar with Excel we recommend finding an associate who can help parse the data in order to cut and paste properly into the template. Alternately we offer a conversion service where we will take your data and convert it into the import template (ready to be imported into the program). Please see our website for details.


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