2: Set your defaults

Before you begin to enter family or staff information you must set several defaults.  At a minimum you must set the default print and reporting options.  This will ensure that  families are added with the proper print option and that you won't have to go back later and change them.  

To set your defaults go to the Administration form and select the Defaults tab:  




Default City, State, Zip and phone numbers:  These defaults will be used when entering families in the Family Contact Maintenance form.  These defaulst are handy when the majority of your members live within the same city, state and zip.  When you tab through the appropriate fields the data in these fields will be entered automatically.  You can change this information for each family specifically.  

Default Nbr Ordered:  This value helps you keep track of how many directories you need to print.  By default the number is one.  Some organizations will allow members to order more than one directory for each family.  

Default Family Print:  When the software is first installed this is set to Print.  Some organizations will set this to Don't Print to start with data entry and then change each family to a print status when they give approval to be in the directory.  Note that if you set this to Don't Print and you enter a family they will not appear on the directory reports until you uncheck the print flag for that family. 


Reporting Defaults:

Header text:  This text will appear at the top of most reports and can be left blank or changed to suit your needs.

Footer text:  This text will appear as a footer at the bottom of most reports and can be left blank or changed to suit your needs.  


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