9. Add a business directory

A great way to off set the cost of printing your directory AND promote local businesses is to add a business directory to the back. Please review these simple steps to creating a business directory.

Go to the Business Directory form


Click on the link to open.

Adding a business


Enter the business information


Enter as much or as little as you want. You can create business categories to sort your businesses. Categories are maintained in the Admin form.

Add advertising graphic - optional


In addition to adding the business information you can also add and advertising graphic.

Click on the Ads tab and load the graphic. Add a caption and the ad size.

Select your business directory reports


Click on reports and select the type of listing you want. The business listing will show all the information (name, contact information, description, etc.) entered for each active business. The reports sort by business type.

Add Advertising pages


Advertising pages will show the ad graphics for the businesses. Select the size of the ads you want grouped. For example: 1/2 page ads will all be grouped together and 1/4 size ads will all be grouped together.

Preview and save the reports


Select the size and Preview and save the advertising and business directory reports.


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