8. Adding your cover pages

The Ad / business directory manager makes it easy to create your cover pages that will be merged with your other directory pages.

Click on the Cover Pages / Business Directory


This link is located on the Main Menu

Click on Covers


Create a Front and back cover


Use the following steps to create both the front and back covers. Use the Front and Back tabs at the top to navigate between the two.

1. Add the text to display on top of your picture or graphic
2. Add text to diplay below your picture or graphic
3. Load your graphic by clicking on the picture box and selecting Load and selecting a picture from your picture library on your computer.

Formatting the text


To format the size, font and color or the text highlight the text you want to change and the formatting tool box will open. Select the format you want and the text will automatically be changed.

Save the changes


Select size and preview


Click the Preview button to review your cover page.

Standard: 8.5" by 11" paper size
Booklet: formatted to print a 5.5 by 8.5 size booklet. Please see the Booklet printing guide here: 

Save the covers in PDF format


In Preview mode select PDF in the Menu ribbon that displays across the top of the application.


1. Select the folder to save and give the file a name
2. Select Standard
3. Select Publish to save the file


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