Confirming family data

Before you go to print it's a good idea to confirm the data you are going to publish with the families. This helps reduce errors and the risk of having to reprint.

Print or email?

You can print out the data confirmation letters or you can email them, either way the following concepts apply.

Prepare the letter

The data confirmation letter text is customizable so you can give parents directions on how you want them to respond. Do you want them to contact you only with changes? Do you want them to respond or they won't be in the directory? Either way, give them instructions.

Go to Administration


Select Letter Text


Enter a title, due date and body text for the letter.


This text will appear before the families contact information and photo.


Preview the letter


Select Preview to review how your letter will look to families.

Change font, size and color of text for emphasis


You can change the font type, size and color to emphasize important text. Select the text and a tool box will appear to change the text selected.

Printing the data confirmation letters


If you want to mail the data confirmation letters or hand out at you next meeting go to Reports and the Administrative Reports Option

Emailing the data confirmation letters


To email the data confirmation letters go to the Email Manager and the Data Confirmation letter tab. Before proceeding please go the the Email Manager support center on how to set up your SMTP settings to email from the software.

We strongly recommend emailing to yourself as a test before you send to all families. You do this by selecting to email to a Single Family and entering your Family ID. Your Family ID can be found in the Family Contact form next to your last name.

IMPORTANT:  Data confirmation letters will be emailed to the Family email on record for the family.  If you did not populate the Family Email NO data confirmation letter will be sent.



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