Setting up the Email Manager

SMTP Settings

In order to send emails from the Email Contact Manager you must have an SMTP Server. (SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transport Protocol).  Many email services support SMTP however you will need to check with your specific service provider to ensure that they support Relay.  One service that is NOT supported is Yahoo.  Gmail, GoDaddy and SendGrid are several that are supported.

A standard Gmail™ account provides you SMTP services that you can use with our emailer. Be sure to read their limitations regarding how many emails you can send each hour and the total you can send in a 24 hour period. Your non profit may qualify for a free Business Edition account which has higher hourly/daily limits.

The SMTP configuration screen only needs to be set up once.  The settings for a typical Gmail account are as follows:

Connection type:               2

Port:                                 465

Mail Server Name:  

Server User Name: 

Server Password               password123

Backup SMTP Settings

This will create a backup file with your SMTP setting. You can use this to restore your settings at a later date or to send to another user to restore with your account settings.

File Location: \mydocuments\MyCongregation

File Name:    smtpSettings.csv


Restore SMTP Settings

This will restore the settings from the “smtpSettings.csv” file found in the folder called \mydocuments\MyCongregation



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