Using Gmail as you email provider

The easiest way to get started with the Email Manager is to get a Gmail account.  It's free and takes just minutes to set up.  Go to to get an account.  

Gmail Restrictions:  

While gmail is free it does have VERY tight daily sending restrictions that you must adhere to or you account will be disabled either for a day or for good.  

  • Hourly limit is 100 emails per hour.  Make sure your batch size is LESS than 100 to ensure you don't go over.  
  • Daily limit is 500 emails.  With batches of 100, you can send only 5 within a 24 hour span.

SMTP Settings:  

Mail Server name =
Server User Name = your gmail email address.  Enter the complete email address for example: 
Server Password =  your gmail account password


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