Using SendGrid as you SMTP service provider

We frequently recommend customers sign up for an account with when working with larger organizations where the family count is 350 or greater.  This is because Sendgrid allows you to send out larger batches of emails without the hourly or daily restrictions imposed by Gmail.  

SendGrid is an extremely low cost way to send emails using the MySchool and MyCongregation software.    Here is a link to the SendGrid web site.  You only need to sign up for the "Lite" version to get started.

The service will allow you to send up to a 1000 emails per day in one batch.  You don't have to pause between batches like you do with gmail so this service is ideal for schools that have greater than 300 plus families to send emails to. 

To set up your desktop software to use sendgrid follow these steps:

1.  Open your SendGrid account and go to the Developers tab.  You will see the following (of course your Username will be different!): 



2.  Open your Desktop software and go to the Email Manager.  Click on SMTP settings and use the settings in your sendgrid account as follows: 

  • SMTP Server = Mail Server Name
  • Username = Server User Name
  • Password = Server Password

3.  To ensure email delivery to Yahoo accounts you will need to set an additional setting in SendGrid. 

  • Go to the Apps tab
  • Enable Domain Keys
  • Click on the settings and type in your email address that you will be using in the desktop software in the "from" email address.
  • Make sure ALL emails sent from the desktop have this FROM email address



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