What are the guidelines for sizing and cropping pictures?

 We don't crop the pictures in the software. To maintain the photo integrity the software will "shrink to fit" the photo to show properly depending upon the report you choose.

As a general rule, the aspect ratio is more important than the size. Try to ensure that all your photos have the same aspect ratio: ideally 4:3 or 3:2 which is what comes from your digital cameras (standard or SLR). This also ties into consistency with either landscape or portrait pictures. You want them to be the same if at all possible.

Our software will compress the photo to fit the box. It’s best to start with a larger size (1024 x 768 or above) photo and let our program compress the file rather than you trying to fit your photo in the box on the report.

IF you plan on touching up the photos please make sure that you maintain the original or the same aspect ratio for the photos. If one is different than the other (let's say 4:3 and the next one is 5:4) they will display as different sizes on the report.


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