Can I run your software on a Mac?

The software is a Windows application and although we don't provide a Mac version,  we have quite a few customers that have installed Windows on their Mac and are using the software.  Please go to the Apple website for further information:

You will need 2 things to run Windows on your Mac:  a Windows emulator and a Windows operating system license (XP, Vista, or Windows 7)

Windows Emulators:  these allow your Mac computer to create and environment that can run Windows. 

Apple:  most of the newer versions of the Mac OS come with BootCamp that allows you to install Windows.  A great article on how to install Windows 7 with Bootcamp:    

VM Ware Fusion:  


Windows license:  you don't need a high powered (or priced) version of Windows to run our software.  Here are a few low priced options we've researched for you.  When looking yourself look for an OEM version of XP or Windows 7.  If you have an old PC that you are no longer using and a Windows disk, you should call Microsoft and see if you can transfer the license.  

 1.  Amazon for $90: 

 2.  $75 at a discount software supplier that offers the same product only the disk will say HP or Dell: 

3.  Here is another vendor with deeply discounted Windows 7 licenses: 

Note that this is significantly cheaper than going through Microsoft's website.  The difference is that these products are considered "OEM" products which means that you don't get support from Microsoft.  Shouldn't be a problem as there is a ton of free support online. 


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