Transferring the software to a new user or computer

You may transfer or share the data file amongst users within your organization OR move the data from one user to another (or computer).

1. Install the software on the destination computer

Go here to get the latest software:

2. Backup and save the data file on original computer


Open the software and go to Administration form. Click on the Data File Management tab and locate the Backup button. Save the backup file on your computer.

3. Copy and save the backup file and license from original computer to destination computer.


See the above example LIC license file and backup. Options to copy and move the files: email the files, upload them to a shared folder or copy them to a thumb drive. Save both files in the MyDocuments / MyDirectoryMakerSchool folder on the destination computer.

Note: The license file which will have your school name with the .lic as the extension. This file is on your computer under the MyDirectoryMakerSchool folder.

4. Restore the data onto destination computer


Open the software and go to Administration and the Data File Management tab. Click Restore and select the backup file you saved in step 3.


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