Important Phone and Email Changes

To upgrade to MySchoolAnywhere you will need to review your data to ensure your phone and email designations match the new system.  

Parent phone and email addresses:   We’ve enhanced the system to link phone numbers and email addresses specifically with parents. (This makes viewing the data easier for parents as they can quickly see whose phone and email belongs to whom.) The desktop software did not.   This means that the unspecified phone numbers shown as Phone 1, 2 and 3 per household need to be associated with home and a parent.   Unspecified email 1 and 2 also need to be associated with a parent. 

NOTE:  any text associated with your phone numbers in the desktop application will not be imported.

Duplicate email addresses:   In MySchoolAnywhere the email address becomes the parents username for the Online Directory. Therefore, we validate the email address to ensure there are no duplicates.   The desktop application allowed duplicates. These need to be addressed before your data can be uploaded.


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