Option 1 Guide

The first thing you'll do is download and install the Upgrade software.  Once that is completed, please open the software and go to the menu item entitled MySchoolAnywhere upgrade and follow the steps below:  

Watch the video here


Step 1:   Backup - select the backup file name and save the file.

Step 2:   Graduate - this will move all students up one grade and remove students in the highest grade.

Step 3:   Duplicate email check - this will print a report and check for the following issues to be resolved:  

    •  Duplicate emails - one email is in the system more than once 
    •  Emails where there is no parent name  - typically this is triggered where there is one parent name and 2 email addresses or no parent name and an email address
    •  Invalid email names - emails with spaces or missing @ signs and periods
    •  Fields with multiple emails in them - where you've used the semi colon to add additional email addresses.

These will need to be cleared before we are able to upload your data. You'll find the family last name and ID to help you locate the family in the Family Contact form

Step 4:  Map your label Defaults - in this step you will set the defaults for Phone 1, 2 and 3 and Email 1 and 2 to more closely match your current data.  

For example:  you may have dad listed as parent 1 and mom as parent 2 but you have phone 1 as home, phone 2 as mom and phone 3 as dad.  You'll want to set the defaults to match how MOST of you data is currently input.  If there is no uniformity, set them to hm, p1 and p2 for phone and p1 and p2 for email.  You can then match up in the next step.

Step 5:  Review phone and emails - in this step you'll review your assignments and make any necessary changes.   IMPORTANT:  ONLY phone numbers are imported.  Any text before or after the phone numbers will NOT be imported.

Step 6:   Save your data

Step 7:   Email your saved data file to  



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